We have been working with Prophonix for a few years and they have helped us build the front end of our app. They are excellent problem solvers and no problem is too big for them to solve and their coding quality is very high. However, the reason we stay with Prophonix is their attitude towards partnership. They believe every project is a partnership and we have seen this first hand. Even if we find a bug 6 months after the work has been delivered, they will fix it at no extra charge. Honest and reliable - we have recommended Prophonix to many people.
Pete Ryder, Co-Founder @ Inkly

We make things work

Technology doesn't stay the same, that's why we are a future-oriented company. We aim to provide you with the best innovative solutions in a timely manner. To put it simple, we make things work for you.

We care about quality

Quality is crucial in todays highly competitive environment. Users have a choice now and they choose quality. Prophonix will make sure user gets the best experience when using your app.

We make things look awesome

Do you like it flat and trendy? Or maybe rich and skeuomorphic? Or you have no idea what we are talking about? No worries, your app will look exactly the way it should and even better.

We put our hearts into what we do

That is true. We enjoy it because we're good at it. Clients keep on coming back to Prophonix because they know that every project we make is a different story and every single with a happy ending.

We love what we do

Everyone at Prophonix is passionate about his job. That's why there are no limits to what we can do. Quality of the products we make is something we are proud of.

Using the latest technologies, our team is capable of building the right solution that will suit your needs as well as those of our customers. We make products for any size of business including, but not limited to productivity, social, educational, healthcare, banking, travel and shopping.

We have
more than 50 projects
completed and we are proud of every single one!


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